Custom Cameras Limited is a UK based specialist and niche supplier to the Nuclear Industry around the World - supplying a range of imaging solutions across a large number of Nuclear Power Generation Facilities for all types of Nuclear Reactors and Nuclear Waste/Handling Facilities.


Our Very High Radiation Tolerant Camera Systems and Technology are World leading - achieving 2.2MGy Total Dose, which has been independently tested and certified.


For over 40 years we have been designing, developing, manufacturing and supporting Very High Radiation Tolerant Camera Systems for inspection and maintenance purposes.


All our cameras are designed with low maintenance and high-performance imagery with reliability and quality at the forefront of our solutions.


Our specialist products range from Radiation Tolerant CCTV Cameras for both in air and in water applications, to portable and fixed Camera Control Units, Pan and Tilt systems and Lighting.


Camera solutions can be Black and White or Full Colour HD, subject to the customers radiation tolerant requirements and applications.


Our range of cameras has been proven over many years of customer operation to be of high quality, very reliable and fully certified to withstand high levels of radiation, operate in hostile environments, to be extra sensitive to particular light spectrums and operate under water at depths of 50 metres.


Whilst there is an excellent product range to cover the main stream image solutions to our customer base around the World, we also support our current and emerging new customers with specialised requirements, design, development and prototype solutions to meet their specific application.

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